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Outdoor Furniture Brief


Design a piece of outdoor furniture for use by residents of a retirement village. Consider these may be couple’s or individuals who live on their own.

  • Ergonomic Criteria.
  • Transportation and movement of the furniture is essential, this could be performed by elderly people.
  • Appropriate aesthetics for the target market.
  • Produced using ecologically sound methods, i.e. design for separation.


Uno Duo Seating

The Idea

There are many different social situations apparent within the retirement village, for example some people are widowed or single, others are living with their partner, and many have built very close friendships with other residents.

As a result of this I wanted to design a piece of furniture that was configurable to all of these social situations. The piece can be set up to be a singular seat, with a table along side, or like a standard bench with both users facing the same way, or finally with the seats facing one another; With this no user will feel excluded as a result of their given situation. 

Further the piece can be collapsed up into a single unit so that the piece can be stored for long periods of time, to aid with transportation there is a roller on the back of the unit so that it can be easily rolled away.

Engineering Drawing's



adjustable bench concept variations 2.jpg

Sketch Work & Development