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Train Track Tape Layer


A new method for applying tape to railway tracks for the purpose of brake testing new vechile's has been developed and a proof of principle prototype has been produced. You are asked to develop a design suitable for manufacture of the machine to apply adhesive tape to sections of the railway.

The product should be easily transportable and be capable of being set up and operated by a minimum number of crew!

Product Quantities per annum are expected to be fifty units, and production costs should not be a limiting factor.



The Idea

To enable the easy transportation of the equipment it is designed to break up into individual modules, held in place by the connecting tubes, through which the handle will fit. There is a cut away at the front of the module, enabling the operator to grab onto the frame, on the rear there is a roller, and due to the moment across the length the operator can lift the apparatus without going above the 25kg handling limit.

The handle, which fits through the connecting tube's, allows the user to operate the machine much like they would with a lawnmower; by holding the red buttons's into the handle this turns on the motor in the respective module and causes it to begin moving forward.

When the tape rolls need to be replaced, the side panels on the module can be removed easily, due to the clips which attach to the frame, exposing the magazine.

Engineering Drawings




Sketch Work & Development