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Soda Stream


You are asked to consider a redesign of the soda stream, appropriate for the household market of the modern day. The product should consider:

  • Style
  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Living spaces
  • Production rates expected to be a million per annum!


The Idea

As the world has come a long way since the soda stream was a hit product, it was only appropriate to review how such a relaunched product would fit into today's market. It was decided that many individuals now live on their own, and perhaps such a substantial amount of soda at a time would be too much, further once made it didn't last all that long. Also using the machine could be somewhat awkward at times.

As such 'SOLO' reduces the volume of liquid down to 500ml of soda. The design houses the water reservoir internally, and the machine can dispense the drink, opposed to detaching the bottle and then decanting soda; the aim is to make it's use much simpler than previously.

The reservoir can be dis attached making it easy to clean.

Sketch work & Development