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Foot Tracker 


A local hospital has been looking into the application of the raspberry pie computer chip as a mapping device to guide people through a hospital. The device shall work by the individual wearing a unit on their waist which holds the chip, which is connected to a tracker on the person’s shoe. You are asked to design the casing for the computer chip which is worn on the waist.

  • Casing must hold the PCB
  • Incorporate semantics’ to inform user of purpose
  • Suitable for mass manufacturing
  • Must not hinder or prohibit the users movement


The Idea

The thinking behind this design was that a visitor, or any member of hospital facility has to wear an ID badge at all times. Thus if they are required to wear a piece on their waste, why not incorporate a space to hold the car within.

Combining the concept of a medical cross along side the pointers from a compass it was possible to create a semantic to the user, that is suggest what it's function is, just by looking at it.

By placing the semantic cross and compass on the top left of the card, it means it can be easily removed.

Sketch Work & Development