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The Whole Package


RSA 'The Whole Package' Brief:

Consumer packaging plays a number of roles:

  • Physical Protection
  • Advertising
  • Storing products
  • Presenting products
  • Gift giving

However, regardless of how costly this may be, the packaging is often thrown away once the internal product has been removed.

The brief outlines to take any retailed consumer product, could be a single item or a family, you feel is over packaged, and re-design it so that its environmental impact is lessened . 

The following criteria should be considered during the process:

  • Explore the use, production, sale, how its consumed, life cycle and the life style.
  • Consider what it is it must protect
  • Solution must offer real advancement in environmental improvements
  • Consider local authorities, and who enforces packaging regulations

DECORATE paints in the media

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The Idea

Current paint packaging fails for multiple reasons; it is easily deformed and does not seal the contents properly. A lot of the environmental damage which occurs from paint products is a result of spoiled paint being thrown out, as well as the packaging itself.

To reduce the amount of paint which is thrown into landfill, Decorate stores paint in smaller quantities, enabling users to more precisely match the amount of paint they desire, therefore generating less waste, offsetting the increased packaging used per unit volume of paint.

Decorate has a one way valve through which the paint flows, meaning the paint can exit however no air can enter the bag. This prevents the paint drying out, thus the life of the paint is extended. The bag is made from a metalized PET, which can reflect heat and therefore helps maintain the temperature of the paint. During cold periods the paint will be preserved which is important as paint is often stored in cold environments such as sheds and garages.

Not only is Decorate a more efficient way of packaging, it also offers an easier way of decanting paint. Once the HIPS end caps have been removed, the valve should be placed above the container and the cardboard outer should be compressed forcing the paint through the valve. If there is paint left in the packaging after use the caps can be put back on and the paint can be stored. If empty the MPET can be removed and disposed of, and the other components can be recycled.