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Injection Moulded Car Air Freshener


You are asked to design a car air freshener produced through the use of injection moulding

  • Production rate of six hundred thousand per annum, ordered in five batches
  • Maximum of three individual plastic parts
  • Intended as a refillable product
  • Machine will be a Negri Bossi Canbio V330


The Idea

As the plastic components of the air freshener would be fixed I wanted to provide a possibility of customisation to the user. As there is a cut away in the front and the small slit where the base piece is connected, replacing the air freshener block would present a new colour, changing the aesthetic, maybe to suit the given vehicle , or just the drivers taste.

Scent Blox is supposed to provide an easy system by which the driver can simply detach the base unit, replace the old freshener block with a new one, then replace the base block.

The parts where designed so that the volume of polymer they contain will produce the highest possible quality mouldings on the given injection moulding machine. 

Rapid Prototyping

RP air freshner.jpg

Sketch Work & Development