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Bombardier Train Project


Bombardier Trains want to investigate the potential for a reconfigurable train carriage which allows for optimum space efficiency dependant on the demand for standard class and first class seating at any given time. It is very important that the maximum seating units possible is held within the carriage, whilst maintaining passenger comfort.


The Idea

The carriage is to be split up into separate booths, in each there will be 6 standard seating units. Of these the middle seat can be pulled down, much like in a car back seat, to give the user greater seat room, as well as an arm rest, with a pull out table for an elevated travelling experience; This configuration would be considered 1st class. Further the middle seat and one of the end seats can be folded down to achieve a premium set up, with double the amount of leg room, as well as other options on the other seat backs.

The walls of these booths will be made from a photovoltaic glass, which will become opaque when a current is applied to it, this will allow extra privacy to those travelling in first or premium class. It will also allow the opportunity for displays in the carriage, showing travel time updates and advertising space. 

In the corridors of the carriage there will be additional seating units; these will be housed in the wall of the carriage and be folded down. The backs of these seats will also act as lean against's and have space for luggage items within them.

Sketch Work & Development