Alec Machin

Alec Machin Design: Award Winning Industrial Design 


I have recently completed my third year at the University of Nottingham, studying for a masters in Product Design and Manufacture (MEng). I consider myself to be an innovative designer, constantly seeking and developing creative and effective solutions to briefs, with constant consideration to Industrial processes for mass manufacturing. I thrive working in a fast paced environment and am experienced at working on several projects simultaneously. I particularly enjoy working as a member of a team but also have experience in leading others, a skill I am passionate about developing further.


In 2014 I was lucky enough to be named as a winner of the RSA student design awards: Following this the RSA awarded me with the Richard Howarth award and the British Design Council also named me as one of 70 'One to Watch' for Design; which is a list of designers they believe will shape the future of the British design Industry, and enforce Britain's position as a Global design powerhouse.

My Work was featured in the Huffington Post, Business week, and Fast Company!



Winner of the RSA Student Design Awards

The Whole Package - 2014

Winner of the RSA 2014 student design awards brief 'the whole package'.
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One to Watch

The Design Council

To celebrate their 70th anniversary the Design Council have listed 70 designers, who's work shows vision, ambition and innovation. The council believe these individuals will represent the future of British Design, and help build the UK's reputation as a world leader in design.


Winner of the Richard Howarth Award

The RSA Student Design Awards

The two winners of this award were selected personally by Richard Howarth, an Industrial Designer at apple and past winner of the RSA student design awards! It was given for outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to the practice and breadth of design.




Internship in Brand and Product/ Packaging Development

3 Months - Bracknell

Currently, I am working between the small but highly productive, graphic and product/brand development teams at Waitrose headquarters in Bracknell. The placement enables me to work on current live projects, and is providing me with experience of designing in a much faster paced environment than I have previously witnessed. Further it has given me the chance to obtain practical experience of Industrial Design, and informed me of the design process, approval stages and production process in a large organisation.


YMCA Camp Hi-Rock (USA)

Director of Programs

2013 - 2015

In one of the most senior positions within the 100+ staff, I plan, create and supervise programming for staff and 300 children aged 6-16. I have facilitated training sessions for both new and returning staff members, and produce daily schedules, designating staff to over 40 different program activities. I am expected to initiate emergency procedures in following with protocol, and react quickly under pressure, to ever changing circumstances.

This role has given me invaluable experience in leadership and management; both in personnel and developing an established organization.



Decorate Paints

Currently in Development

Following recent interest in the Decorate Paints project which won the RSA student design awards, I have decided to develop the project further, with the hope of introducing the product to market. This has involved me meeting with patent attorneys and Lawyers, who have given me advice and an experience of the legal proceedings when protecting or developing a product.

Further I have met with suppliers, who offer a range of services and materials within the packaging industry, to enable Decorate packaging to be produced as cost effective as possible. Once more this has given me insight into a broad range of processes, as well as with meeting with suppliers to utilize their expertise. 

In developing a Business Plan and presentations to try and attract investment, I have been linked with a number of experts, particularly at the University of Nottingham, who have advised on how to start and develop a Business.

So far the project has been an eye opening experience and I know understand the process of taking an Idea to an actual viable product. It has also introduced me to the world of business and how this is conducted within the creative industries, something I believe will be invaluable in my future career as an Industrial Designer. 

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University of Nottingham

Undergraduate Master's in Product Design and Manufacture (MEng)

2011 - 2016

Current & Expected Grade: First


Lutterworth College

2007 - 2011

A2 Levels :  A - Product Design  /  B - Maths  /  B - Economics

AS Levels :  A - Product Design  /  - Maths  /  - Economics  /  - Physics

11 GCSE's ranging from A* - A ( Including Maths and English)




To obtain applicable references please contact me via email or in the form provided on this website.


Fully Clean Driving License



I love a broad range of sports, previously a member in the University of Nottingham's Triathlon team, and having been members of other clubs in sports such as football, swimming, Tennis and running. I enjoy live music, regularly going to concerts with like minded friends, and play guitar, whenever I find the free time!

Another love of mine is travelling and visiting new places; I spend 4 months of the year in the USA due to my position out there, and always try and find the time to visit friends in new states and cities. This links in well, as I enjoy photography, and this enables me to picture these new places, and gives me something to edit and play with, fueling my obsession with Design.